READY TOGETHERConsult in your home before baby/babies arrives to discuss…

-postpartum support plan

-your expectations about life with your new baby(ies)

-how visitors can do more helping, and you less hosting

-functional vs. fashionable nursery set up

-household management and task delegation

-any concerns you may have.


This will be tailored to fit your specific needs and schedule but generally includes…

-spending time with baby(ies) so mom/dad/any other support people have time to shower, nap, eat or do anything else needed to take care of yourself

-spending time with older children and/or pets so you can have time to focus on just the new baby

-cooking nourishing meals tailored specifically to help birthing person recover, gain strength and produce breast milk; plus food prepared for other family members

-dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting and any other household chores or reasonable errands are all things I’ll take off your to-do list

-providing support for breast and/or bottle feeding, as well as pumping

-processing of birth experience; talking through it in a setting completely free of judgement for birthing person and anyone else present at birth (i.e. partner)

-teaching current newborn care methods including sleeping, bathing, soothing, carseat safety and so on

-sharing local resources for health care professionals, support groups, early childhood education, etc.

-first outing assistance to help you through that first time leaving the house, getting baby(ies) safely in the carseat and to and from your destination

-appointment assistance, because we all know how easy it is to forget what we’re told at the doctor’s office even without a baby(ies) in tow; I can be an extra set of ears, take notes and help put together a list of questions/concerns with you beforehand

-baby wearing 101 – whether you have a wrap, ring sling, backpack style carrier or are considering getting one, I can guide you through how to safely wear your baby and provide resources for local baby-wearing groups

-back to work plan, which includes helping you determine how much milk you’ll need stored if breastfeeding, pumping in the workplace and the emotional aspects of returning to work.