No. 1 // But Why?

If you’re here, chances are you know what a postpartum doula does. If you’re still a little unsure, you can head over to the Offerings page to see just what it is I do. When I started talking about becoming a postpartum doula, I had to do a lot of explaining to help people understand what exactly that meant I’d be doing. I still educate people about this work, which will always be the case but luckily, I really enjoy that process! But the goal of this little ramble here is to explain something even more important…

Why do I need a postpartum doula?

Everyone deserves to be nurtured while taking care of a newborn.

Let’s be real…. preparing for the arrival of your baby can be overwhelming for some. There are so many things you *think* you need to get (more on this another day), projects to be done, birth plan to write, classes to go to, attending your shower(s) or Blessingway, planning your time away from work; the list can go on and on and on. When we get so caught up planning for the arrival of baby and envisioning the birth we want, it’s really easy to overlook what our needs will be once our baby finally joins us Earthside.

When we’re so focused on the task of giving birth to get our baby here, it makes total sense that we’re not able to fully wrap our heads around what life with that little love will realistically look like. We brush off stories about other babies not sleeping at night, parents being delusional from exhaustion and we can’t truly understand how an uninterrupted shower can actually be that epic.  We don’t have time to hear that when we’re busy growing our own tiny, perfect human.

The time finally comes….

You have your baby and then there you are, home alone for the first time with this totally dependent (and obviously adorable) little bundle of joy. The majority of us don’t have adequate help in those early days and parents are still working to find their collective voice to say “hey, I’m going through this right now too; it’s hard and you’re not alone.” What can end up happening (not always, to be clear, but very commonly based on the majority of stories) is that you question if what you’re going through is normal, if you’re doing it right; you’re exhausted and somehow haven’t had time to shower for three days, there’s dishes and laundry to be done and you’re still replaying the birth in your head. You understand what people were talking about now.

Coffee and leaky boobs, two common themes in my own early postpartum days.

All of this is why you need a postpartum doula. Sure, we’ll come into your house and be happy to see the baby just like all your other visitors but way more importantly, a postpartum doula is fully dedicated to you. We schedule time with you so you know that you’re guaranteed a fresh nutritious meal and time to take a nap or wash that grease out of your hair. We’ll share a hot cup of coffee or tea with you as you talk through your birth experience, all the feels and how you’re transitioning into parenthood. We do this without judgement and truly listen to hear you, not to respond with our own two-cents or experience.

Our society…

We are so far removed from the supportive models of postpartum care that were once practiced in America and still are in cultures around the world. We’re expected to bounce-back physically, be filled with nothing but joy and return to work sooner than the time most puppies are separated from their mothers with very little support along the way. This is why you need a postpartum doula. To help care for you so you can heal, regain strength and build the confidence that will enable you to thrive as a parent. We support the whole family because we know it’s a time of immense change for partners, siblings and even pets too. You deserve to be cared for so you can care for others. This is why you need a postpartum doula.

Please reach out if you need a postpartum doula.